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Host City - Canberra

  • Allison Marlow Paterson

    The fellowship was a godsend, a wonderful opportunity to avoid the distractions and disruptions of daily life at home. After thirty years of teaching and administration the permission to just ‘sit and write’ was an amazing gift - a chance to develop my sense of worth as an emerging author. I am certain I would not have achieved my writing goal without the dedicated time to plan, imagine and ultimately write over 35 000 words.

    Allison dedicated her creative time to developing her young adult historical fiction manuscript, titled Follow After Me. This builds on her hugely successful Anzac Sons publications, and interweaves the setting of World War One with a 2017 storyline that tackles contemporary young adult issues. Allison made the most of her Canberra location to research at the Australian War Memorial, the National Library and the National Museum. These resources not only informed her current work, but have also provided inspiration for further projects. Allison spoke about her writing and fellowship at various events, including the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, which she says broadened her opportunities for networking and professional speaking. She also enjoyed her time at Palmerston District Primary School, where she presented workshops and attended an Anzac Day service with the whole school; these were very successful and Allison has received further school invitations as a result.


  • Ursula Dubosarsky

    Solitude, concentration, relief from responsibilities, creation time. Absolutely invaluable and treasured time. Very grateful and appreciative of every moment.

    Ursula worked on her as-yet-untitled novel about the abdication of Edward VII and the French folk tale Petit Poucet. She found the fellowship enabled her to approach her writing from many angles, including "thinking time, some redrafting, organizing of thoughts, dismissing of some ideas, discovering others…."